fresh water production

Diagram of a reverse osmosis installation for fresh water production 1.sea water feed to plant, 2.multi media filters, 3.acid for pH correction, 4.scale control additive, 5.cartridge filters, 6.1st stage HP pumps, 7.reverse osmosis 1st stage, 8.reject brine, 9.buffer tank, 10.2nd stage HP pumps, 11.reverse osmosis 2nd stage, 12.2nd stage concentrate recycle, 13.decarbonator, 14.lime pH correction, […]


Reciprocating pump Flapper and piston double-acting type A.liquid inlet, B.liquid outlet, C.piston, D.air vessel, (to smooth out pulsating flow), 1.suction valve open, 2.suction valve closed, 3.discharge valve open, 4.discharge valve closed, 5.piston moving upwards, Rotary pump Horizontal screw pump with external bearings 1.side suction, 2.screw shafts (or rotors) (in a connterflow arrangement), 3.external bearings (and […]

Heat exchangers

Shell and tube heat exchanger (cylindrical —), 2. header, water box, 3.cooling fluid, 4. cover seal, 5.separation plate (for 2-pass arrangement), 6.header cover, plate, 8.gaskets (between tubeplate and shell, tubeplate and header), fluid, (to be cooled), 10.baffle (to direct the flow of hot fluid back andforth across the tube bundle), bundle, […]

Roll stabiliser

Sperry stabiliser 1.fin shaft, 2.fin shaft housing, 3.fin, 4,flap, 5.guiding rail, 6.pantograpMc linkage (of the rigging mechanism) (fin locked in its rigged out position), 7.tilt cylinder mechanism, 8.limit-stop and fin “repeat back” assembly (used to take the pump “off stroke” as the tilt cylinder approaches its limits of travel), to the hydraulic unit, 10.single-ended […]

Ground tackle

Ground tackle 1.roller type fair leads, 2.hawse pipes, 3.cable, chain cable, 4.compressor bow stopper, chain stopper, chain controller, riding chock, 5.bitts, 6.devil’s claw, slip stopper, 7.windlass, 8.warping drum, warp end, gipsy, gipsy head, 9.windlass brake, 10.spurting pipes, navel pipes, 11.cable drum gipsy, wildcat, cable lifter, cable holder, chain grab, 12.windlass bed, 13.bitter end and locker […]

Types of valves

Different types of valves -Ship equipment/Shipping machine   GATE VALVES     GLOBE VALVES     PLUG VALVES BALL VALVES BUTTERFLY VALVES   DIAPHRAGM VALVES CHECK VALVES   Butterfly valve 1.valve liner 2.valve blade, 3.valve body, 4.upper seal, 5.valve spindle, 6.key, 7.upper bearing, 8.pins, 9.lower bearing, 10.lower seal, Retention valve, non-return valve, check valve 1) […]


Shaftline 1.rudder stock, 2.rudder, 3.propeller bonnet, 4.propeller, 5.stern frame, 6.stern tube sealing, 7.stern tube bearings 8.stern tube, 9.propeller shaft, tail shaft, 10.plummer Mock, pillow block, shaft block, 11.intermediate shaft, 12.thrust shafts 13.flywheel, 14.crankshaft, shaft alley, shaft tunnel, Stern frame, Rudder 1 . Top gudgeon 2. Rib, Horn 3. Crown 4. Boss 5. Propeller post 6. […]

Engines Machine

General arrangement of an engine compartment 1.side water ballast tanks, 2.lubricating oil coolers, 3.main wing engine, 4.main centre engine, 5.wing engine clutch, 6.thrust bearing, 7.centre propeller shaft, 8.main lubricating oil pumps, 9.brake, 10.wing propeller shaft, 11.auxiliary engine, 12.control room, PC 13.engineroom hatch, 14.oil-fired boiler, 15.engineroom ventilation, 16.auxiliary engine silencers, 17.sludge burner, 18.centre engine silencer, 19.wing […]

Cargo gear

Cargo gear Union purchase rig 1.portal mast (or portal derrick post), 2.cross tree (or upper transverse beam), 3.derrick boom positioned over the hatch (inboard boom), 4.derrick boom positioned outside the ship (outboard boom), 5.derrick heel gooseneck fitting, 6.derrick head fitting, 7.cargo winches, 8.cargo runners (or married falls), 9.cargo triangle plate, 10.cargo hook, 11.slings, 12. fixed […]

Electro hydraulic 4-ram steering gear

Electro hydraulic 4-ram steering gear 1.rudder locking valve, 2.cross-connection valve, 3.cylinder, 4.stop, 5.ram (free to slide in the neck bushes and hydraulic seals in the cylinders), 6.crosshead (also called “tiller” or “yoke” depending on designs),, 8.cod piece (pins are integral with rams and transmit their effort to cod-pieces free to slide between the jaws […]