General Equipment used in ship construction



A.C for ECR
Air Compressors
Air Whistles
Anti fouling system for sea chest grids
Asbestos free gaskets
Automatic Sprinkler System
Automatic Tank Air Vent Valves
Bilge Water Ejector
Boiler Plant
Bow Thruster
Bronze Valves
C.I. Butterfly Valves
C.I.Gate&Globe  Valves
Cargo Provision Refrigeration Plant
Cat-III “C” Pipes
Cat-IV & Cat -V Seamless Pipes
Centrifugal Pumps
CO2 Plant
CS Bronze Quick Closing Valves
CS Storm Valves
Cu Ni Pipes & Cu Ni Pipe Fittings
D.G.Sets & Emergency D.G.sets
Deck Stand, Gear box,Support Bearing& Universal Joints etc
Electric heated Calorifiers
Emergency Air Compressor
Epocast  /Chock fast
ER Vent Fans
Hydrophore Pumps
Hydrophore Tanks
M.S.Galv Stud bolts & Nuts
Main Engines
Neoprene Packing Rings
Neoprene Rubber sheets
Oil Purifiers
Oily Bilge Water Separator
Oxygen cylinder with V/vs,Pressure regulators with Pressure gauge
Pipe Fittings like bends,reducers etc
Piston Pumps
PRO& HRO Valves
Screw Pumps
Sea Chest Gratings
Sea Inlet & OBD Valves
Sea Water and oil Filters
Sea Water and oil Filters
Sewage Plant and Incinerator
SMLS Annealed Copper Tubes
Sounding Cocks and Sound Tube for Deck Plates
Special valves
Steam Heated  Calorifiers
Temperature. Control and Special Valves
Steam Traps


Automation Eqpt.,/ ER Alarm Monitoring and Clock system
UPS Systems(10KVA)
Navigational Lights 2
400 m/m Sweep cabin Fans
Auto & sound Powered Telephone system
Battery Charger cum Distribution Board
Brass Cable glands
Brass W.T. Switches and Sockets
Bridge console
Bulk Head Light Fittings(Deck head & ceiling Light Fittings)
Various sizes of Cable glands
Copper crimping Lugs
Distribution Boards, Starter and Local Control Panels
Doppler Sonar Docking System
Echo Sounder
Hospital Call System
GMDSS, SATCOM-F77, Automatic Identification System, Ship security alert System, SATCOM-B, Sound reception equipment,Dual Radar System, DGPS navigator,Weather fax,Communal speed &direction indicator
Natural Air cooled Transformers
Search Lights
Electric Tank Content Sensors & Gauges
Flourescent Light Fittings
G.I.Reinforcede PVC Flexible hose
Gyro Compass with repeater
Halogen Flood Light Fittings
Incandescent  Flood lights
Incandescent light Fittings
Junction Boxes
Main Switch Board & Emergency Switch Board
Marine Electric Cables
Metal Fitting Matl.
NWT Switches
Shore Connection Boxes
SS Cable Binding Straps
Table Light fittings
KVM Sealing Compound Powder
Measuring Instruments
Public Address and Fire Detection System


Fire class side scuttles
T-Monorail type Hoist
A&B Class Doors
A.C and Ventillation Equipment.
Aluminium Swimming Pool ladders
Aluminium and Zinc Anodes
Anchors and Chain Cables
Auto Telephone Directory Plates
B- Class Panels
Brass Chr.plated hand rail support
Bronze Bell
Carpets & Carpet Runners
Cash Registers
Ceiling Panels
Cellophen Tape Rolls & Adhessive tape rolls
Chr. Pltd Bolts & Nuts and Brass washers
CI Rollers
Code Flags
Communal Aerial System
Davit Launched type Inflatable Life rafts
Elec.Floor Polishers
Electric Motor Driven Winches
Electrically operated baggage lift/ Dumb Waiter
Electro Hydraulic Steering Gear
Fibre glass Polyster corrugated Sheets
Filing Cabinets & Steel Lockers
Fire Class Insulation
Fire Class Windows
Fire resistant drop roller shutters
Fire retardant Curtain Material
Firemen Outfit& Breathing apparatus
Flexible Steel wire Ropes
Flooring Composition
FRP Containers
FRP Emblem for Funnel
Furniture Items
Galley, Pantry and Laundry Equipment
Galvanized Fasteners
Gangway Doors /Shell doors
Vinyl sheets with adhesive 8
Bite type tube Fittings for W.T.Sliding doors
Brass Builders Name Plate
Nautical Equipment
Rudder Stock Assembly
Stern Bossing
S.S.Hydraulic pipes for W.T.Sliding doors
Ship Model
SS scupper Gratings
Grease Lubricator Units for carrier bearing
Hatch Covers
Heaters,Washing Machines,Iron box etc.
Jib Deck Cranes
Life Boats and Davits
Life Jackets for Children
Life Raft Launching Davits
Marine Paints and Thinners
Marine Qty.Alluminium accomn.Ladders
Marine Qty.Gangway Ladders
Mooring Chokes
Neoprene Rubber
Polypropelene Ropes
Polyurethane Foam(PUF)insulation
PP Eurythene Rope
Reflector Compass
Refrigerators & Coolers
Rockwool Insulation
Rubber hose with fittings
Rubber Mats
Rust Preventive Oil/Coating for application in Oil Tanks
S S Furniture for Galley,Pantry& Laundry
Simplified Voyage Data Recorder
Sports items like Excise Cycle,Tennis Table
SS Gratings for sprinkler scupper boxes & Galley scupper boxes
SS Indian Water Closets
SS Rods
SS Sheets
Stud Link Chain Cables
Thimbles,Ferrules, Shackles ,G.I.Chain etc
Toilet Modules.
Various Fasteners
Vinyl coated Fabric
Wall mounted decorative Lamps
Water Tight  Sliding Doors And Sliding Hatch
Weather tight Steel Doors &Emergency Escape Hatch.
Windlass, Capstan
Windows and side scuttles
Workshop Machinery(Drilling,Grinding , Hack saw machine and Lathe Machines etc)
Illuminated Name Boards




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