Heat exchangers

Shell and tube heat exchanger

1.shell (cylindrical —),
2. header, water box,
3.cooling fluid,
4. cover seal,
5.separation plate (for 2-pass arrangement),
6.header cover,
7.tube plate,
8.gaskets (between tubeplate and shell, tubeplate and header),
9.hot fluid, (to be cooled),
10.baffle (to direct the flow of hot fluid back andforth across the tube bundle),
11.tube bundle, tube nest, tube stack,
12.shell branches,
13.elastomer seals (on both sides of a safety leakage ring),

Plate type heat exchanger

1.end plate, head plate, clamping plate,
3.fluid branches, fluid connections (in line with ports in the plates),
4.stack of exchange plates (with dimples pressed in the plate surface),
5.peripheric elastomer seal,
6.ports and seals,


1.heating steam inlet connection,
3.inlet of feedwater.,
4.vapour vent pipe connection,
5.spray nozzles,
6.steam jacket,
7.safety valve connection,
8.cascade trays,
9.supporting brackets,
11.supporting ring,

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